'Dream and Shoot for the Stars. The future of our young state lies in your hands.' - Late Sh. L. S. Adhikari (1934-2004)


The first communities of Garhwalis and Kumaonis were established in the US and Canada along with the large scale immigration of other Indians after 1965 and 1967 respectively. These communities were initially small and identified along regional lines. In the early 1990s, with the advent of a mass-based Uttarakhand movement back in India, P.D.S. Negi of Erie, Pennsylvania began organizing the Uttarakhand Association of North America, to bring together all Uttarakhandis from Canada and the USA in a cultural association. His efforts culminated in the first gathering of Uttarakhandis in 1997 in Erie and a convention in Toronto the following year.

Founding of the Association

As formation of "Uttaranchal" as a separate state in the Indian Union became more certain, the Uttaranchal Association of North America (UANA) was established in Fairfax, Virginia in December 1998 as a non-profit, tax exempt organization. Shri Prabhu Negi of Erie, PA rendered inspiration and guidance for establishing the association formally.

Late Shri Lal Singh Adhikari was instrumental in establishing UANA and served as the founding President of the association. He guided the association through its formative years and continued to selflessly work on behalf of UANA till his passing away in January 2004.

UANA organizes cultural and social activities to maintain Uttarakhand culture and to share the talents of Uttarakhandi people in performing arts, such as classical and folk dances, classical and light vocal, and instrumental music and drama. Many programs are festive activities symbolizing Uttarakhandi culture. The Association is capitalizing on the wealth of talent among the younger generation to retain our Indian culture with an Uttarakhandi flavor.