Membership Payment
After the payment process is complete, please email your name, address, and payment confirmation number to


  • This is your organization that promotes your culture and values.
  • It promotes the rich culture and heritage of Uttarakhand. As a member you will influence its growth and direction.
  • You will be eligible to become a Board Member.
  • You will have voting power.
  • You show your sincere support and help the association grow to achieve its goals.
  • You will receive notification of all programs and events arranged by UANA.

If you know any Uttarakhandis who are still not a member of this association, please urge them to become a member. Also, you can send their names and addresses to us so that we can updated our directory of Uttarakhandis in North America.

Since Yr. 2003, UANA initiated a life membership option, where one can become a life member by paying dues of $250. We encourage members to consider the life membership option, this does away with the inconvenience of paying dues every year and greatly reduces administrative work for UANA. Please fill membership form.